Byron Statics Vinyl Record Player


  • This turntable is almost as light as the small laptop PC, suitcase design, the look is stylish yet rustic, there is a cover on the top to protect it, so don’t worried about the dust.
  • Setup and operation are simple enough for someone who is just starting out with records, and having options for 33, 45, 78RPM 3 speeds.
  • Gently move the tone arm to the desired position over the record, the turntable will begin to spin when the arm is moved toward the record.
  • Vintage record player sounds through the two small front facing stereo speakers, you can player with classic records or play the music in your phone.
  • Have connected nicer speakers via the RCA jacks on the back, this is a great little record player for house, bedroom, patio or taking with you on trips.
  • The adapter has a safety device, when a short circuit occurs, the fuse in the adapter is blown off and the power is turned off to protect the player.


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