Relaxzen 10-Motor Massage Seat Cushion


  • Improved with 50 percent extra seat foam for added cushioning over massage motors
  • 10 powerful massage motors pinpoint upper back, mid back, lower back and thighs; includes soothing lumbar heat
  • Ergo hand control personalizes massage; 5 zones, 8 intensity levels, 5 modes and variable speed settings
  • Thicker padded neck rest with amply cushioned lumbar support pad; finished in soft, plush polyester fabric

With 50% extra seat foam, the 60-2910P Massage Seat Cushion improves on the original model. It’s designed to lessen the impact of the massage motors, so the only thing you feel is an invigorating massage. There are 10 powerful massage motors in all set to 5 concentrated zones (upper back, middle back, lower back, and thigh areas.)

You can choose from 5 massage modes, 8 intensity levels, pulse or vibration massage, variable speeds, and soothing lumbar heat. And it’s all controlled by an amazingly simple, hand-held remote to hit the right spot every time. You can even select all 5 zones at once or individually to your liking.


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