Lind Kitchen 2pcs Squirrel Shape Adhesive Hook


  • Made of high quality ABS material with the features of strong,sturdy,durable and long service life.
  • Easy to use and keep your room funny and tidy.Ideal for use in bathroom, kitchen,office and shop window for hanging and decoration.
  • The squirrel shape hanging hook design is cute,convenient to use and practical.When the hook is pulled down,a cute squirrel sticks its head out of its shell.
  • Application:Suitable for hanging towels,bathrobes,jackets,coats,hats,scarves,keys,bags,etc.

Installation method: 3MM Glue (nail-free), screw (drilling)
Adhesive installation method:
Remove the adhesive on the back side of the adhesive tape and stick it on the back of the squirrel hook. Then peel off the other side of the paper and stick it on the wall. Press firmly and let it stand for 12 hours before using.
Suitable for solid marble walls, fiberboard surfaces, ceramic tiles, metal, glass, wood surfaces, wall panels and other solid, smooth and flat walls.
Screw mounting method: (self-prepared screws and other accessories)
First, install two screws horizontally on the wall surface (30mm from the installation center), align the big hole on the back of the squirrel hook with the nail cap on the wall surface, and then install and fasten it on the small hole, and it can be used.(The product does not include screws)


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