Beurer MG21 Infrared Massager


  • WELLNESS AT HOME – Take a break from everyday life with our Handheld Massager, MG21 and enjoy a penetrating and relaxing massage at home. Perfect to use on your upper body, legs and arms.
  • INFRARED THERAPY – The warmth of the infrared light enhances the effect of the massage and helps to relieve localized tension or stiffness by also stimulating blood circulation for an ideal recovery.
  • VERSATILE – To tailor the massage to your needs, you can use 3 different massage attachments and choose from 2 function levels: vibration massage and vibration massage with infrared heat.
  • RELAX AND UNWIND: The pleasant and penetrating vibration massage relaxes and helps recover the muscles. Intensity can be adjusted by pressing the massager firmer or more gently on the area being treated.
  • APPLICATION AREAS: The body massager can be used along the spine, lower back, shoulders and legs. Perfect as well for a soothing calf or neck massage.


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