Cuisinart CGC-810 Premium Lightweight Grill Cover


  • RIP STOP FABRIC: The cover is made from rip stop polyester which is a durable and lightweight fabric. The material is designed to prevent rips and tears from spreading throughout.
  • LIGHTWEIGHT DESIGN: The lightweight design of the cover allows for easy removing and handling.
  • SELF-CONTAINING POUCH: Features a sewn on self-containing pouch that allows the user to easily pack the cover away in seconds, keeping it clean and out of the way while your grill is in use.
  • WEATHER PROTECTION: The rip stop polyester fabric resists sun damage and features water-wicking technology that prevents water from pooling on the cover and seeping through to the grill.
  • SECURE FIT: The drawstrings on each side, along with four wheels buckles, provide a tight and secure fit to any 4 or 5 burner grill.


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