YRYM HT Grill Mat – 6 Set BBQ Grill Mats


  • 6 Pack bbq grill mats are made from 100% PFOA-Free materials and premium PTFE-Fiberglass coating, no PFOA, silicone or other dangerous chemicals! Certified as safe by the SGS approved! makes your meal healthier when cooking on your BBQ grill!
  • YRYM HT black grill mat can be used over 1,000 times per side, which is about 50 times more use than you can get with an ordinary BBQ grill mat. 
  • You can use this nonstick grilling mats cook the juiciest steaks, smoke the tenderest chicken and saute the thinnest cut vegetables with ease. Your food will never fall through the grates again, and keeping your food perfectly intact will be easier than ever before.
  • YRYM HT nonstick grill mats are made out of a Teflon fabric, which is durable, 100% nonstick, dishwasher safe, and easy to clean. These mats are perfect for leaving amazing grill marks and leaving your meat juicy.


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