Hand-Carved Heart Serving Spoon



olive wood

12″ L x 3″ W

Hand wash with mild soap and water. Lay out to air dry. Occasionally, help condition and preserve your Heart Shaped Serving Spoon with our Mineral Oil.

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When someone makes you a special dinner or bakes your favorite treat, you can almost taste the love. Give back a helping of that delicious feeling with this handcrafted wooden spoon. Made by a collective of artisans working in rural Kenya, it’s carved from African wild olive, a variety of hardwood that is both durable and beautiful. Lovely enough to be kept out on display, put it to work scooping loose leaf tea or coffee grounds, stirring sauces, or scooping cocktail party snacks. Whatever it becomes, it will always remain full of your gratitude toward that special hostess, friend, or mother who receives it. Handmade in Kenya.


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