Laptop Backpack 17 Inch Business Travel Backpacks


This business laptop backpack is free to open 180 degrees, ensuring that your electronic devices (laptops, mobile phones, mobile power) have a dedicated and secure space. Laptops can be taken on board and carry important items to help you quickly pass security and avoid waiting for a long time.

  • Everything comes packaged in a sturdy, blow molded storage case that can easily be stored in your car for roadside emergencies.
  • Universal for Automobile, Off-Road Car, SUV, Truck, Bike, Pickup, Motor, ATV, UTV, Wheelbarrow Mower, etc.
  •  Includes 5-pc 4” string plugs for multiple repairs, 2-pc rasp tools, 2-pc insert tools, 1-pc hex key and 1 cutting knife.


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