Smith’s 50933 Corded Knife & Tool Sharpener


  • Sharpen all your knives and tools with one unit
  • Knife guides fixed at 20 degrees, Blade guides hold knife at correct sharpening angle
  • Floating backing plate allows belt to stay straight and does not burn or cut the tip of a knife
  • Includes 3 replacement belts: fine, medium and coarse

Smith’s 50933 Corded Knife & Scissor Sharpener has fixed 20-degree guides that allow you to sharpen all your knives and tools with one unit. The floating backing plates allow the belt to stay straight and not burn the blade tip. Have confidence in sharpening your tools correctly with blade guides that hold your knife or tool blade at the correct sharpening angle. Sharpener includes 3 abrasive belts (fine, medium, and coarse).


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