MarqART Wood Art Trout Box


  • Sturdy Construction – Designed and Built to last a Lifetime
  • An Original work of Art – No two are the same. Using Sustainable Forest Resources
  • Hand Made in the USA – Not some cheap foreign import. 
  • We are a small, family run business. We are proud of our work & we stand behind it.

Each design takes over 50 hours to create and get ready for production using our proprietary processes that have taken over 30 years to develop. This allows us to create a unique, original work of art, where no two are the same and to do it at a reasonable cost. These are handmade in the USA.

A great deal of effort goes into selecting what woods will work for each piece of the design (grain pattern, color, orientation, variations of color and grain pattern, etc). It is not unusual for some designs to have over 20 variations of woods tested together and in combination before settling on the final wood set for a design. A label describing each wood shown comes with each design.


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